1 day per week


         1 child                    $47.00 / monthly

         2 children            $91.00 / monthly

         Each additional    $44.00 / monthly

2 days per week         


       1 child                   $ 94.00 / monthly

        2 children            $182.00 / monthly

       Each additional      $ 88.00 / monthly



3 days per week         


1 child                   $141 .00 / monthly

2 children              $273.00 / monthly

Each additional      $132.00 / monthly

Mom's Day Out

Our Mission
The  mission of the Mom’s Day Out program is to provide a safe and loving learning environment for babies and young children. Our goal is to love these children and serve their families.

Mothers Day Out is a nonprofit, self-supporting program sponsored by the church as a community service. The registration, supply fees and monthly tuition serve only to meet our financial obligations.

The teachers at Mom’s Day Out are dedicated to giving your child unconditional love and tenderness.  They are also dedicated to providing a rich environment for your child in which he/she may flourish socially, emotionally, developmentally and spiritually.   

The Mom’s Day Out program at Our Savior is offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30am - 12:30pm.  We provide care for children ages six months to five years of age.  Our curriculum is age graded for infants/toddlers,  two year olds and three/four year olds and includes developmentally appropriate learning activities for each group. 


Toddlers:  Encourage early social skill such as eating together at a table .interacting through songs, games, and play.  2 year Olds:  Encourage early social skills such as eating together at a table.  Continue potty training (when requested by parent).  Interact through songs, games, and play.  Introduce coloring and puzzles.  3 and 4 year Olds:  Encourage social skills such as sharing, eating together, and learning to stand in line, raising their hand, and taking turns.  Provide opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills in an age appropriate environment.  Create art projects, play games, put puzzles together, color and sing songs.  4year olds also participate in story time, movement and Spanish.       


Enrollment is ongoing and based on availability. 

2009-2010 School Year



Registration $55.00   Supply Fee $90.00


Registration                                     $60.00
Supply Fee                                     $100.00
1 day per/week
1 child                                          $60.00/monthly
2 children                                      $116.00/monthly
each additional                                  $56.00/monthly

2 days per/week
1 child                                                $120.00/monthly
2 children                                          $232.00/monthly
each additional                                  $112.00/monthly

3 days per/week
1 child                                                 $180.00/monthly
2 children                                           $348.00/monthly
each additional                                  $168.00/monthly


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  ** Call (251) 633-3017 for further information on space availability.
  ** E-Mail: director@oursaviorpreschool.com